Computer Policy

Public patrons may use the Public Access Computers along the south wall of the  library any time the buildig is open.  Students must use the computers on the north side of the building during school hours.  After school hours, students may use the Public Access Computers, provided they have appropriate permission form signed.


Library Borrowing Policy


Public patrons may check out books for three weeks.  They may renew them at the end of the three weeks if needed. 


We allow thke public patrons to check out magazines for 2 weeks.

Movies and Audio Books

You have to be 18 or over to check out movies (VHS or DVD) and audio books.

Genealogy Materials

Genealogy materials are found at the southwest corner of the building.  These materials do not leave the buliding.  People are welcome to copy materials.


Acceptable Use Policy / Internet Use Policy

A copy is available upon request.